Email Sequences for Talent Outreach

Create Supercharged Email Sequences with Generative AI

Effortlessly craft personalized email sequences. Automate follow-ups to fill your calendar with engaged prospects. 
Generate an Email Sequence for hiring a candidate
Generate an email sequence for hiring a VP Engineering candidate

Generate the perfect email sequence in just one click

Recruiting sequence using Generative AI

Transform job postings into outstanding email sequences

Take a job posting and convert it into multiple email sequence templates in minutes. Send great emails every time with ease.

Make your emails funny or casual, choose whether or not to add emojis

Use forms to easily experiment with how many emails to add to your sequence and the tone of voice. Simplify constructing the perfect sequence.

Include automatically summarized job and company descriptions

Revamp lengthy job and company descriptions into crisp summaries. Select between multiple variations to keep every email interesting.

Elevate email personalization by instantly adding relevant details

Email personalization for every recipient with Generative AI

Highlight the most relevant job-matching skills

Choose which of the recipient’s relevant skills to feature in each email. Automatically mix up skills in follow-up emails to keep each email unique.

Discover and mention mutual connections

View common connections with recipients. Choose which one to mention in the email to create a more genuine, warm conversation.

Pick the perfect personalized message

Toggle between suggested content options to find the perfect thing to say. Select the ideal skills and connections to highlight in each email.

Track, analyze, and optimize to gain insights and maximize outreach success

Track email opens and replies

Get a birds eye view of all your email activity

See all your candidate interactions in one place. Ensure no-one falls through the cracks.

Stay one step ahead of recipient interactions

Track email opens and replies, so you can promptly respond to engaged candidates.

Get unique insights to improve your outreach

Improve email open rates with A/B tests and build on your team’s collective best practices.

Connect Google Mail for effortless email outreach

Consider sends scheduled email follow ups to your target candidates on your behalf and labels these emails as Consider. Access to your Google inbox is restricted, so Consider is only given the ability to read emails sent by Consider and replies from candidates in Consider campaigns.

Automate timely email delivery on Your Behalf

Easily connect with your Google Mail, so Consider can do the heavy lifting of sending the right message at the right time, without fail.

Keep automated emails separated and organized

Emails sent and received by Consider are labeled so you can easily find them and keep them separate from other communication.

Ensure privacy with focused email monitoring

Access to your Google inbox is restricted, so Consider is only given the ability to read emails sent by Consider and replies from candidates in Consider campaigns.
Google API Disclosure

Consider’s use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

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