Email Sequences

Begin conversations that get candidates interested

Thoughtful personalized emails and automated follow-ups fill your calendar with interested candidates
Automated email follow-ups
Automated email sequences

Track all outreach, know what is working, optimize quickly

Analytics for Email Sequences.
Birds eye view of all activity
See all candidate interactions in one place. Ensure no-one fall through the cracks.
Track recipient interactions
Know when your emails are opened. Respond quickly when the candidate is interested.
Get unique insights and improve your outreach
Improve email open rates with A/B tests and build on your team’s collective best practices.

Connect Your Google Mail with Consider to Enable Automated Emails on Your Behalf

Consider sends scheduled email follow ups to your target candidates on your behalf and labels these emails as Consider. Access to your Google inbox is restricted in scope to allow Consider the ability to read only the emails sent by Consider, and any replies from candidates.

Google API Disclosure

Consider’s use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.
Seamless automation
Connect your Google Mail with ease and let Consider do the heavy lifting of sending the right message at the right time, without fail.
Keep automated emails organized
Emails sent and received by Consider are labeled so you can find them easily and keep them separate from other communication
Completely private
Consider only views responses to emails from your automated sequences and nothing else.

Begin conversations that get candidates interested

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